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Monday, May 7, 2012

Closing the Window on Energy Waste

May 7, 2012

Closing the Window on Energy Waste

The papers on my desk flapped as a breeze happily meandered into my office. It was a bit cool so I closed my jacket around me. As I typed, I had to stop every so often and warm my fingers. Suddenly, I had to reach for something else to place on top of a pile of papers because the breeze became a gust of wind. One of the Managers’ walking past my office made a comments about my scramble, but I could not hear what she said. Its rush hour, you see and the freeway traffic is rumbling not 200 yards away.

Although I often threaten to do so when the Southern California weather is at it’s best, I have not moved my office outside. The outside is actually coming inside to bring excitement into my work day. The window to my office has been removed as part of the first batch of windows being replaced with the new energy efficient dual-pane windows. We are rolling now…replacing about ten windows per day and planning to complete the project by the first week of June when the work moves to the room renovation.

After my new window is completed, I can tell the difference. It is quiet in my office. I still hear the rumble but it’s muffled. Aside from the amazing difference in the noise level, which will improve the room experience for our guests, there is another benefit – energy savings. A third party company contracted by Southern California Edison calculated that we will save over 83,000 KWH in electricity annually because of the new windows. As I mentioned in the past, anytime we have made improvements in our equipment, we look for energy saving opportunities.

As the window project rolls, we are still busy finalizing the plans for the room renovation. At this time we plan to start June 12. We are also working out details on other projects such improving the pool and pool deck. That too will be a high impact public facing improvement…and a topic of a future blog!

On the move to green,
Javier Solis

Arrival of the new windows

Prepping window opening

Windows project rolling along

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  1. Yeah, it’s easy to tell when you’re in a room installed with energy-efficient windows. It’s a high-tech feature, as well as it is helpful to the environment. Aside from the obvious changes in appearance and atmosphere, they help a lot in reducing necessary electricity bills. So, this is not a very unusual move for commercial buildings.

    -->Norbert Floth