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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Behind Closed Doors

Here it is almost the end of July and the thick of things in terms of summer business. The attractions are bursting at the seams. I heard that on Fourth of July Disneyland was at capacity by ten in the morning! Still, there is an ebb and flow to the level of visitors that grace our area during summer months. Thursdays through Saturdays we see many families with excited children either itching to go in the mornings or returning with various degrees of sugar highs in the afternoons and evenings. Sunday through Wednesday our typical guests tends to be business people rushing out in the morning to that important appointment.

Through all this, we have quietly gone about our business of renovating our hotel rooms. The level of logistics management has required pretty intensive brain power because we still want to keep our rooms occupied and take advantage of the summer demand. To this point we have completed the renovation of roughly half of the rooms while housing hundreds of guests. So…the obvious question is how can that be? We usually associate renovation work: installing carpet, changing beds, installing wall vinyl painting doors, etc. as dusty, noisy work, which would not be appealing to people seeking rest.

I am proud that we have successfully reached this point of the project with nearly zero negative impact on our guests. In fact, we had someone mention in a social media site that the only way they found out about our project was seeing some trucks that were delivering beds. This feat has not been by accident. Our team has strategically been planning their work with our guest in mind. Chuck, our project Manager will save “quiet work” for the morning hours. Any noisy work is done when most of our guests are away during the middle of the day. The same mentality is applied to everything we do. We have been renovating whole floors at a time so we can eliminate access to the floor so guests never walk through a construction zone. I am including a photo of an access point.

Behind Closed Doors - Renovation Access Door

At the beginning of each floor, a wall is put in place with a lockable door. Sometimes dozens of crew members from various trades are behind closed doors making our rooms beautiful…but you would not know it by looking, because we are doing it all…behind closed doors.

Behind the 'closed door': Renovation at Work!

New Beds ready for installation

Moving Entry Door - getting ready for the next floor

In keeping with Inn Keeping,
Javier Solis
General Manager
Holiday Inn Buena Park

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  1. Did you made some progress this month? When will all the rooms be ready?